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Brealant Inc provides a range of corporate services designed to support most aspects of doing BPO business in the Philippines.
Our range of corporate services are designed to fit BPO needs. 1. Advisory 2. Incorporation and Compliance 3. Expat work visas 4. Trademark registration
Please visit our respective pages to get more information on each type of service.

Incorporation, Accounting , & Compliance in the Philippines

Some of our clients prefer to have their own corporate entity in the Philippines. We assist those clients in setting up and managing entities in the Philippines. All of our services are overseen by licensed attorneys and accountants. On this page we evaluate the steps and approximate costs for your consideration.

Incorporation choices

There are a few different types of entities in the Philippines which leads to some confusion. We list they main 3 types below. This incorporation is generally overseen by the Philippines Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Domestic corporation

A domestic corporation in the Philippines must have at least 5 shareholders, and all of the shareholders can be foreigners in certain circumstances. A domestic corporation is required to submit annual tax documents, and is taxed as a local corporation.
  • 100% foreigner ownership possible: Yes
  • Can sell locally?: Yes, up to 40%
  • Minimum # of directors & shareholders: 5
  • Local representative required: Yes (as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Minimum capital: 100,000PHP
  • Scope: Wide range
  • Generally used if selling in Philippines

Branch office

A branch office is a wholly owned subsidiary of an overseas corporation. Branch Office does not have a juridical personality separate and distinct from its parent company. Thus the parent company (overseas) will be responsible for its liabilities.

  • 100% foreigner ownership possible: Yes
  • Can sell locally?: Yes, up to 40%
  • Minimum # of directors & shareholders: 0
  • Local representative required: Yes (as Registered Agent)
  • Minimum capital: 100,000PHP
  • Scope: Wide range of outsourcing
  • Generally used for BPO for simpliciity

Representative office

A representative office is a wholly owned subsidiary of an overseas corporation. Under Philippines law it has no shares in the Philippines. It has a local representative that must be a Philippines national, and Brealant can act at this representative for you.

  • 100% foreigner ownership possible: Yes
  • Can sell locally?: No
  • Minimum # of directors & shareholders: 0
  • Local representative required:Yes (as Registered Agent)
  • Minimum capital: 100,000PHP
  • Scope: Narrow range of outsourcing
  • Rarely used type of incorporation

Fees: We charge a flat “ALL-IN” fee of 79,000PHP to setup all three of the above types of entities. This includes all government fees, as well as registration with all the necessary local entities to get your operating license. Generally this registration time period takes about 30 days, however, it can take longer. The 79,000PHP promotion price includes registration in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Please contact us for detailed fees if your office is located in a different location (as local fees can differ).

Additional add-on options

The Philippines has two more options that can be added to Domestic Corporation and Branch office (both discussed above). These are two powerful and important options that are often confused and mixed up. Each of these options carry additional costs and considerations.


PEZA refers to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. There are other economic zones such as Clark Freeport Zone, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, etc. A domestic corporation or a branch office can apply for a tax waiver from these export promotion zones to save on VAT. PEZA registration is a time consuming process and can add 6-12 months of additional time to the company formation. Normally 5 employees in the Philippines are required and minimum registered capital is 1,000,000PHP.

We charge a flat fee of 120,000PHP to facilitate PEZA registration, which is in addition to the above 79,000PHP.

BOI (aka $200,000 waiver)

BOI waiver that allows a entity to waive the restriction on the % of revenue that may be derived from sales in the Philippines. Only a business that plans to sell products or services locally in the Philippines (such as McDonalds or Starbucks for example) need to consider this option.

We charge an additional 10,000PHP to process this waiver. There are also an additional 50,000PHP in stamp duty, as the entity’s registered capital is higher (resulting in additional stamp duty).

Shareholder services

Brealant can provide your company with local shareholders, Directors, Resident Agent, Secretary, and/or Treasurer.

Please contact us for pricing for these options.

A few examples of incorporation

Here we will describe a few examples of incorporation to give you an idea of the costs in major cases. Of course your case may differ, but these three options cover the majority of incorporations.

#1: Staff leasing with Brealant


This is the most popular option, as the cost to setup is zero. Yes, exactly $0. Others use this option as an interim solution while their corporation is being setup (as corporate setup takes time.)

#2: Outsourcing BPO office


Scope: Entity supports a company in the United States providing phone answering, accounting, and website development to the head office. It does not sell anything in the Philippines. Staff about 50 employees in the Philippines.

Solution: We form a branch office which is a wholly owned subsidiary. We elect PEZA to get the tax benefits. We do not elect BOI.

Timeframe & Costs: 89,000PHP for entity setup and 120,000 for PEZA election. Total fee to Brealant is 209,000PHP and takes about 12 months to setup. Registered capital is 1,000,000PHP.

#3: Domestic company


Scope: Entity is a company in the Philippines providing IT services to overseas and also sells about 20% of services in the Philippines (measured by % of revenue). They are a startup and do not have enough capital to elect PEZA or BOI.

Solution: We form a domestic company.

Timeframe & Costs: 89,000PHP for entity setup. Registered capital is 100,000PHP.

Next comes accounting, compliance, and the fun stuff...

Brealant Inc provides accounting, audit, and compliance services to our company registration clients.

Our fees for these services are tailored to client needs and start at about 7999PHP per month for small entities with few monthly entries.

Bookeeping, Accounting, and Audit

f you form a domestic corporation you are required to file monthly reports of sales as well as annual audited financial statements.

SEC compliance

Various statutory and secretarial compliance tasks are required of all companies that are registered with the SEC.

PEZA compliance

PEZA, CEZA, Clark, and other export incentive programs have frequent compliance requirements (often monthly) to notify the Philippines government that you are meeting your stated goals relating to export of sales or services. This includes frequent on site inspections.

A customized solution

Every company has unique needs and it is best to give you advice based upon exactly what you plan to do. Please contact us for more details.

Trademark Registration

Brealant is an experienced trademark registration agent in the Philippines.

We offer trademark registration packages for 15,990php ALL-IN for the entire process (all steps). You will find that our fees are the lowest in the industry. The reason for this is that we offer trademark registration as part of one of the many corporate services that we offer. We find that once we have a client, we will keep the client (as long as we provide the quality service we are committed to).

Please view our trademark website if you would like more details.

Expat work visas in Philippines

Brealant acts as an agent for clients to apply for and manage compliance with staff work visas
Brealant provides management of the entire cycle.
  1. Application
  2. Expediting
  3. Ect

Accounting and compliance in the Philippines

Accounting and compliance is a task that cannot be ignored in any country, Philippines is no different.

Depending on the type of corporation you setup, you will have different accounting and compliance requirements. We are skilled in managing those requirements for clients.

Services offered:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Monthly accounting
  3. Annual audit
  4. Annual submission of documents to tax authorities
  5. PEZA compliance

HR consulting and management outsourcing

We offer companies operating in the Philippines and overseas consulting and outsourcing services for Human Resources (HR).
We setup company HR policies including documentation to ensure it complies with local labor laws. We also provide audits and annual subscription packages for our HR consulting.
Services offered:
  • New entity setup, including company HR handbook and policies and procedures. Packages from 29,000PHP
  • Remediation of existing HR issue: Case by case
  • Annual HR management, audit, and compliance packages start at 50,000PHP per year

Pet imports into the Philippines.

Many expats seek to bring their pets with them to the Philippines for their extend stay. The Philippines is supportive of this, and in most cases no quarantine is necessary. The founders of Brealant brought in our own pets, and we have helped a few of our clients as well.
Bringing Pets to the Philippines Persons who want to bring pets (specifically dogs or cats) to the Philippines must make a request to import a pet or pets addressed to the Bureau of Animal Industry – National Veterinary Quarantine Service (BAI-NVQS) (website The request must provide the following information:
  • Species and breed of each animal
  • Sex of each animal
  • Age of each animal
  • Country of origin
  • Expected date of arrival in the Philippines
  • Address, phone number, email address and other contact details of owner (importer)
The request can be emailed to the BAI-NVQS through addresses ( / ) The BAI-NVQS will respond with the transmittal of a Veterinary Quarantine Clearance (VQS) and advice on the requirements for the permit to bring the pets into the Philippines, quarantine procedures and fees.
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